By Jerry Grant

Yep. . .It’s the world’s greatest ‘spy thriller.’

Our checks and balances system.  Watch this:  Congress gets paid to check on the Senate.

The Senate gets paid to check on the Congress.

The House gets paid to check on the Chambers.

The Democrats get paid to check on the Republicans.

The Republicans get paid to check on the Democrats.

The Congress gets paid to check on the White House.

The White House gets paid to check on the Senate.

The Supreme Court gets paid to check on EVERYONE.

…And then the System gets paid to check on itself.

Not bad for amateur spies, huh?

It’s not over yet.  All these branches are supposed to hire underlings and appoint sub-committees who hire special investigators for other spying jobs.

Talk about world-class spy thriller!

And speaking of checks and balances…

Remember the politicians who were bouncing checks and ‘not balancing’ ours?

The investigators investigating the investigators,

The Ethics Committees can’t keep up with the Non-Ethics Committees.

The CIA is missing employees.

The FBI is missing files.

There are strange foreigners sleeping in Lincoln’s bed and Ken Starr’s spies are under all the other beds.


The problem is clear.  Our spies are not doing the job we are paying them to do.

For those of you who watch political hearings from gavel to gavel, you surely realize that something has gone drastically wrong with our checks and balances. Short and sweet, folks. . .it’s out of control!

Our sanctimonious Senators think they are on TV’s “Wheel of Fortune”.  They’re going for broke. . .and we feel the pain!

Now, I will admit that if you have a good attraction, the whole country, including CNN, will watch.

The Senators have always been a hot ticket attraction.

They have skillfully perfected the spectacle of ‘political polo’. . .and unless, of course, you’re the victim, it’s all good, clean fun.

It’s also important to realize that we have no other sport quite like it and every one of us should support our home team.

We are convinced that we can no longer be angry that they raised their salaries.  They know a good thing when they see it.

Now we have only one choice. . .and that is to go one better and raise their salaries again (with bonuses) for results that protect our jobs instead of theirs.

With this kind of generosity, we may even get lucky and attract somebody to our side.

In the meantime, Washington is awash with scandal after scandal.

It’s getting very scary!

So much for Checks & Balances.

Check please!!!


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