The History of Television

Six Feet Under,
The Enron Pension Fund

The Weakest Link, The Seinfeld Spin-Offs

Fear Factor, Your Mother-In-Law moving in

Dog Eat Dog, May TV Sweeps

Off Center, Anna Nicole Smith

What's Cooking, Martha Stewart's Recipe for Making Dough

48 Hours, A Liz Taylor marriage

Victoria's Closet, featuring Marve Albert

Entertainment Tonight, with Heidi Fleiss

The Dating Game, with Monica Lewinsky

Mad About You, with Dr. Laura

Life's Work, Getting Susan Lucci an Emmy

Fantasy Island, The Viagra Story

The Nanny, Starring Margie Schotts

Platypus Man, Michael Jackson

3rd Rock From The Sun, Ross Perot

Naked Truth, Paula Jones

Spin City, O.J.

Men Behaving Badly, Mike Tyson

Friends lovable new cast, starring Cochran, Dardin, Bailey, Shapiro, Clark…

Northern Exposure, Pee Wee Herman

Nowhere Man, Salman Rushdie

E Z Street, with Hugh Grant

Fired Up, Mike Ovitz to 100 million bux

Perfect Strangers, Burt and Loni

Party Girl, Mary Matalin

Leaving LA, The Backers of Waterworld

Almost Perfect, Alan Greenspan's predict

New York Undercover, starring Frank Gifford

Family Matters, Mario Puzzo's Notebook

20/20, Ricki Lake's audience and guest IQ

Step By Step, Wyatt Earp Cow Pastures

Dangerous Minds, Your Neighborhood Militia

Promised Land, Whitewater

America's Most Wanted, Cindy Crawford

Just Shoot Me, Starring Jerry Springer

60 Minutes, incarceration for juvenile criminals

Then Came You, Al Gore

Expose, We get to look at Cher's TuTu Tattoo

In Search Of, Japanese 'open' markets

Practice, How to get to Carnegie Hall

A Different World, Shirley Maclaine

LA Doctors, Making late housecalls?

Something So Right, The Bill Bennett Foundation

The Second Noah, starring Strom Thurmond

The Paranormal Borderline, Shaq's Salary

Who's The Boss, starring Hillary Clinton

Wasteland, Howard Stern

Due South, Where you can buy your stolen Porsche back

Hollywood Access, Featuring Hollywood Excess

Vengeance Unlimited, Don Imus

Hee Haw, Congress attempts to balance the budget




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